Terovolas Available Now From JournalStone

Available now everywhere from JournalStone Publishing, my latest book, Terovolas being an excerpt from The Van Helsing Papers, and covering Abraham Van Helsing’s incredible 1891 sojourn in Texas following the events portrayed in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Read an excerpt here –


Pick it up on Amazon here –


Or directly from the publisher here –


Head to Goodreads and enter for a chance to win one of ten paperback copies.

Got Paypal and want a signed copy? Drop me an email at emerdelacATgmailDOTcom for pricing.

Lastly, starting now, leave a comment below. At midnight on Black Friday, November 23rd, I’ll pick a random winner to receive a free signed copy.

Good luck!

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  1. Well, I already have a copy in ebook form & have read it & reviewed it, but hey, if I win, I’ll get you to send it to a friend in the US as a gift (I wouldn’t want to hit you for international postage to send it here in the UK).

    • Thanks, Dave! Good luck! Could make a good Christmas gift…

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt!

    • Thanks a lot, Doug.

    • Hi Doug. Congratulations, you’ve won the giveaway. If you’ll send me your postal address at emerdelacATgmailDOTcom, I’ll get it out to you this week.

  3. Love your writing!

    • Thank you very much, Frank.

  4. looks very interesting.

    greetings from Chile!

    • Greeting, Roberto! Thanks for looking! How’s the weather in Chile?

  5. this sounds really cool. would suit a mash up novel as well.

    • Thanks Stephen!

  6. Looks like a very interesting concept.

    • Thanks for looking, Doug.

  7. The book looks awesome. Love the cover!

    • Thanks, Lindsey! That’s the very talented Wayne Miller.

  8. Any Dracula spin-off is a treat for me, but a western as well? Cannot go wrong.

  9. Would love to read this!

    • Good luck, Kate! Thanks for looking.

  10. This is going on the “want” list. 🙂

    • Thank you, Crystal!

  11. Sorry for the delay in announcing this – congratulations to Doug Draa for winning the signed copy. Don’t forget to check out JournalStone’s giveaway of Terovolas over on Goodreads.

  12. My name is Anastasia Terovolas. It is not a common Greek name and I am wondering where you found it and why you decided to use it as your title. My mother’s name wasn’t Calisto but it was Calliope.

    • How interesting, Anastasia! As the book was meant to be a sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula I was basically looking for an evocative surname for the title with Arcadian Greek origins as the character is meant to be descended from the Arcadian king Lykos who supposedly tried to test the god Zeus and was punished by being turned into a wolf. I literally just looked up Arcadian Greek Surnames and it popped up in a search engine. Same with Callisto, which referred to King Lycaon of Arcadia’s nymph daughter the mythological mother of the Arcadians. The short answer is just that it sounded cool. 🙂

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