Pan Returns in Perennial! Out Now!

A number of years ago I sold a superhero novel that the publisher decided to release under a different title, put together with a couple other authors in a shared world. They folded soon after and the book went unnoticed, so I’ve ripped out the shared world stuff, updated it a bit, and brought it out again under its own title, including a related short story called Wide Awake, partly developed by my daughter Magnolia, about a bullied girl oon the verge of enacting a school shooting who discovers an alien artifact that grants her super powers.

The main story is about a teen idol on a wildly popular TV show who discovers his producer is involved in a child exploitation ring and is ‘killed’ by a bomb when he attempts to expose it. In actuality the explosion triggers his latent superpowers, giving him the power of flight and arresting his aging process. Allowing the world to believe he’s dead, he takes to the streets of a fictional Los Angeles as Pan, a costumed vigilante who hunts those who prey upon children.

But, when he stops the attack of a powerful supervillain on live TV, an obsessed madman from his past draws him out, enlisting a small army of supervillains to take an entire high-rise hostage.

It’s sort of Die Hard with superheroes.

Anyway it’s out today, with design by the intimatable Shawn King and a brilliant cover by artist Russel Marks. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you thought.

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  1. Whelp. It worked. My wife is crying. I am having a moderate PTSD moment. And I have ordered copies for several friends. Andersonville and Monstrumführer were hard. This one is harder. Not sure whether to curse you or tell you to keep up the good work

    • Oh geez! And I’m not sure whether to thank your or aplogize!

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