Terovolas Signing At Dark Delicacies September 28th At 2PM

On Saturday the 28th (my birthday), I’ll be signing copies of TEROVOLAS over at the famous Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, along with JournalStone authors Eric Guignard, Rena Mason, Eric Red, Lisa Morton, and Benjamin Kane Ethridge.

Swing by if you’e in the neighborhood!

terovolascoverMore about the book here.



JournalStone Publishing’s Award Winning 99 Cent Weekend

Something from the publishers of Terovolas, my Van Helsing in Texas novel, which is on sale all weekend.

The JS award winning 99 cent weekend is here.  The Devil of Echo Lake, Twice Shy, That Which Should Not Be, Terovolas and The Void are all on sale through Sunday for 99 cents on Amazon.  If you were looking for one of these books, now is the time to buy.


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Terovolas Available Now From JournalStone

Available now everywhere from JournalStone Publishing, my latest book, Terovolas being an excerpt from The Van Helsing Papers, and covering Abraham Van Helsing’s incredible 1891 sojourn in Texas following the events portrayed in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Read an excerpt here –


Pick it up on Amazon here –


Or directly from the publisher here –


Head to Goodreads and enter for a chance to win one of ten paperback copies.

Got Paypal and want a signed copy? Drop me an email at emerdelacATgmailDOTcom for pricing.

Lastly, starting now, leave a comment below. At midnight on Black Friday, November 23rd, I’ll pick a random winner to receive a free signed copy.

Good luck!

Van Helsing In Texas Places Third In JournalStone’s $2,000 Advance Contest


Van Helsing In Texas has placed third in the JournalStone Advance Contest for 2012, which means you’ll likely see it coming your way by the end of the year.

The premise is based around a series of found historical documents, personal papers written by Professor Abraham Van Helsing himself.

Following the events of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Professor Van Helsing checks himself into Jack Seward’s aslyum in Purfleet, suffering from violent recurring phantasies centering around his destruction of the Count’s vampiric brides and involving Mina Harker.  Seward diagnoses the professor with melancholic lycanthropea and treats him. Upon his release, Van Helsing visits with Arthur Holmwood and learns the cremated remains and personal affects of Quincey P. Morris (who died at the hand of Dracula’s gypsies) have not yet been returned to his family ranch in Sorefoot, Texas. He immediately volunteers to do so, thinking a holiday will do him good.

In Texas he finds Quincey’s brother Coleman embroiled in an escalating land dispute with a neighboring outfit of Norwegian cattlemen led by the enigmatic Sig Skoll.  To exacerbate things, a rabid mountain lion is slaughtering livestock. When the sheriff and one of Cole’s hired hands turns up murdered, Van Helsing suspects a supernatural culprit.

Is as real life shapechanger on the loose? Or a bizarre murder cult? Or are these signs but the product of Van Helsing’s own previously disordered mind? The professor must sort out the truth soon, for the life of Skoll’s beauteous new bride may be in danger….

Look for it in November from JournalStone….

Van Helsing In Texas Places In JournalStone’s $2,000 Advance Contest

Hey all, JournalStone has released the top ten entries in its annual competition for a $2,000 advance and my effort, Terovolas or, Van Helsing In Texas has managed to wrestle a spot.


The premise of Van Helsing In Texas is bookended by the concept that Van Helsing was discredited in the academic community following the publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and that following his death in the 1930’s, his longtime friend and colleague Dr. Jack Seward comes forward with a series of unpublished personal papers to vindicate Van Helsing’s Name…

‘Following the defeat of Count Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing checks himself into Jack Seward’s Purfleet asylum, suffering violent recurring fantasies related to his destruction of the count’s vampiric wives and centering around Mina Harker.

Upon his discharge, he volunteers to return the ashes and personal affects of the late Quincey P. Morris (the American adventurer who died in battle with the nefarious Count) home to the Morris family ranch inSorefoot,Texas.

Van Helsing arrives to find Quincey’s brother Cole Morris embroiled in an escalating land dispute with a group of neighboring Norwegian ranchers led by the engimatic Sig Skoll. When cattle and men start turning up slaughtered, the locals suspect a wild animal, but Van Helsing thinks a preternatural culprit is afoot. Is a shapechanger stalking theTexasplains? Is a cult of wolf worshipers responsible? Or are the phantasms of his previously disordered mind returning?

The intrepid professor must decide soon, for the life of Skoll’s beautiful new bride may hang in the balance.’

Anyhow, doesn’t mean I’ve won anything, but those of you who know me personally know my family and I could sure benefit from it if I did…haha.

Wish me luck/say a prayer.

-Hasta pronto.