Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With The Reaper

Bitten By Books is hosting a multi-author release party for EDGE Publishing’s Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With The Reaper anthology from editor Nancy Kilpatrick and featuring my story The Exclusive.  I’ll be there off and on fielding questions, so stop by. You can also enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.


Contributors – Brian Lumley, William Meikle, Lisa Morton, Tom Piccirilli, Gabriel Boutros, Brad Carson, Suzanne Church, Dan Devine, Lorne Dixon, Tom Dullemond, Opal Edgar, Ian M. Emberson, Sabrina Furminger, Stanley S. Hampton, Sr., Brian Hodge, Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood, J. Y. T. Kennedy, Tanith Lee,  Morgan Dempsey, Timothy Reynolds, Angela Roberts, Lawrence Salani, Lucy Taylor, Bev Vincent, and Bill Zaget.

From the publisher –

People die from old age, illness, accident, violence, despair. They can die before they are born. The happy and the sad, the sane and insane, the rich and the poor, the law abiding and the criminal, the genius and the fool, the saint and the sinner. Some face death consciously, others die in their sleep. But we all die and Danse Macabre is a kind of universal melting pot for death. My goal is to create an anthology that is a literary version of the Danse Macabre artwork, showing the same range of humanity in a variety of situations and encounters with death.” — Nancy Kilpatrick

This anthology is the most unusual and original collection of stories you’ll ever read! It is a literary version of Danse Macabre “Plague art”. Twenty-six literary reflections that embody those themed, classical artworks devoted to the spectrum of humanity’s intriguing interactions with the Angel of Death.

My own story, The Exclusive, is about a crusading frontier newspaper editor who finds himself with a unique opportunity to interview the most accomplished killer the world has ever known, Samael, the Angel of Death. The story ties directly into Merkabah Rider, so for fans of the series, it ought to be worth checking out.

-Hope to see you there,

Hasta pronto.