Fantasy Book Review Talks Up Merkabah Rider 2

Josh and Ryan over at Fantasy Book Review over in the UK (though they sound like Australians or New Zealanders to me so maybe I’m just going by the UK in the web address) talked up the Merkabah Rider series on their podcast, as a prelude to Ryan’s review of Merkabah Rider 2: The Mensch With No Name.

You can give it a listen over here – my bit starts at 56:28.

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Merkabah Rider 2: The Mensch With No Name Yom Kippur Giveaway

Hey all, so for those of you on Goodreads, keep an eye on the giveaway feature as I’ll be putting up signed hard copies of my books throughout the month of October, including copies of Tales of a High Planes Drifter and The Mensch With No Name.  I’m also going to do the rounds of some friends’ blogs and pass out .pdf copies for those of you with e-readers.

For those stopping by this space though, I’ve got one copy of Merkabah Rider 2: The Mensch With No Name, specifically for fans of the series. Drop an email to EMErdelac(TAKE OUT THIS NO SPAM MESSAGE IN PARENTHESES) and tell me the Rider’s true name in the subject field.

On October 7th well before sundown on the Day of Atonement (big day in the Rider universe) I’ll toss the respondents’ names in the old kippah and send one lucky dog a signed copy of book two.  

Read a bit about the book here –

Hey, and let me just say for a minute….authors depend on readers and the buzz they generate among each other, whether they’re working under a big house name or duking it out in the indie press field. So please, not just with this giveaway, but in any book you read….if you like something, tell people! Tell ’em on Goodreads, tell ’em on Amazon, or whatever forum you frequent – tell your friends and family or your book club or the guys at the comic shop or LGS. Spread the word! It’s the best thanks an author can get.

Ah glick ahf dir!