So Uncivilized Part 2 Up At The Official Star Wars Website

Part two of my roundup of the fastest blasters in a Galaxy far far away is up at the official Star Wars website.

It features my personal favorite expanded universe character, Gallandro, the Corporate Sector assassin from Brian Daley’s excellent Han Solo Trilogy books from the early days of Star Wars pastiche.

If you want a good Star Wars read, I can’t recommend these books enough.

So check out this –

And then DEFINITELY check out this –



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‘Great Gunfighters Of The Star Wars Galaxy Part I’ Up At Star Wars Dot Com

I’ve got a new article up at Lucasfilm’s Star Wars website, about the top gunslingers in a galaxy far, far away.  Check it out here –


The one that’s still around is the one who shot first.

I remember as a kid going on vacation to Deadwood, South Dakota with my parents, and picking up an illustrated book called The Gunfighters by Lea Mcarty, which had these cool paintings of guys like Doc Holliday, Joaquin Murietta and Clay Allison, with about a page of text on their careers.


That book enamored me. I still have it. Great, flavorful text and awesome, mythic-quality paintings.

There’s always been an element of the Old West in Star Wars, and I wanted to point them out in the article, so I took McCarty’s book as inspiration and wrote up a brief colorful bio for ten Star Wars characters from the movies, comics, books, and video games who I thought were most obviously meant to be transplanted gunfighters.

So head over to Star and take a look at part one. It was originally meant to be a top ten ranking, but the powers that be decided to eliminate the ranking system (but on the side, the first five up now were originally #’s 10-5.

So whether you’re a Star Wars geek or a western fan – or both, as I am – go give it a look. Tell me if you agree with my ranking, or go and read some fine books referenced within.


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