Terovolas Signing At Dark Delicacies September 28th At 2PM

On Saturday the 28th (my birthday), I’ll be signing copies of TEROVOLAS over at the famous Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, along with JournalStone authors Eric Guignard, Rena Mason, Eric Red, Lisa Morton, and Benjamin Kane Ethridge.

Swing by if you’e in the neighborhood!

terovolascoverMore about the book here.



Come Up And See Me Sometime (At Mysterious Galaxies In Redondo Beach This Sunday)

This Sunday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm I’ll be Mysterious Galaxies Bookstore in Redondo Beach signing copies of Eric Guignard’s AFTER DEATH anthology, in which my story SEA OF TREES appears.

I’ll be practicing signing my name and trying to keep the uhs and ums out of my speech during a Q&A as well, alongside fellow contributors Lisa Morton, Kelly Dunn, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, John Palisano, Brad Hodson, and artist Audra Phillips, as well as the author of ANGEL FALLS, Michael Paul Gonzalez.

Check out the link for details and directions –


AFTER DEATH Signing At Dark Delicacies In Burbank Today

From 2:00-3:30pm this Sunday (Cinco de Mayo), I’ll be at Dark Delicacies horror bookstore and boutique at 3512 W Magnolia Blvd in Burbank signing copies of Stoker nominated editor Eric J. Guignard’s latest anthology AFTER DEATH, in which my story Sea Of Trees appears alongside works by Lisa Morton, Brad C. Hodson, John Palisano, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, and Kelly Dunn, who will all be in attendance, along with artist Audra Phillips. Come say hey. http://ww.darkdel.com/
Read about the book here.

An Afternoon of Horror at the Pasadena Central Library

Tomorrow from 1PM-5PM I’ll be at the Pasadena Central Library as part of their Afternoon of Horror with the HWA.

I’ll be on the How To Get Started Writing And Publishing In The Horror Industry panel with Stoker nominated moderator John Palisano, PS Gifford, and Eric Miller, editor of the Stoker nominated anthology Hell Comes To Hollywood.

After the panel I’ll be selling and autographing books in the courtyard, so stop on by.

Other panels include Recommended Horror Reading with Brad C. Hodson, Hal Bodner, Ted E. Grau, and Stoker award winning author Benjamin Kane Ethridge, and Horror For Young Adults, with Lisa Morton, Roh Morgan, E.S. Magill, and Kelly Dunn.

More info here –


Evil Jester Bringing Horror Comics Back EC Style

vaultEvil Jester Press is in the last twelve days of its kickstarter campaign for the first four issues of Evil Jester Presents, a comic book horror anthology series in the same vein as Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror.

They have some great talent lined up for their premier issues, including Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, Jonathan Maberry, Gary Braunbeck, William (Logan’s Run) Nolan, Joe McKinney, and oh yeah…me.

Yep, as of now, I’m scheduled to make my comic book debut in one of the first four issues with an adaptation of my weird western tale of sasquatches, Texas Rangers, and Comanches, BIGFOOT WALSH.

Check out the promo video –

Evil Jester Promo

So spread the word, make a pledge, do both, or either.

Here’s their page –


And here’s a complete list of all accepted authors for the first four issues…
1.) Joe McKinney – “Swallowed”
2.) Gregory Norris – “O Christmas Tree”
3.) Mark C. Scioneax – “Riser”
4.) Gary Braunbeck – “We Now Pause for Station Identification”
5.) Benjamin Kane Ethridge – “Scissors”
6.) Holly Newstein Hautala – “Ballad of Silas Yoder”
7.) Vince Liaguno – “Night Nurse of Cobblestone”
8.) Jack Ketchum – “Polaroids”
9.) Charles Day – “The Gift”
10.) David Hayes – “Judith”
11.) Taylor Grant – “The Vood”
12.) Aric Sundquist – “The Fifth Room”
13.) Suzanne Robb – “Threshold”
14.) Jeremy C. Shipp – “Balloon Boy”
15.) Jonathan Maberry – “Like Part of the Family”
16.) Jason V Brock – “The Underground”
17.) Tim Waggoner – “Long Way Home”
18.) Jeff Strand – “Aunt Betty’s Basement”
19.) Ramsey Campbell – “Call First”
20.) Mort Castle – “Party Time”
21.) Michael C. Lea – “Earthbound”
22.) Marianne Halbert – “A Used Infinity”
23.) Robert Shane Wilson – “What Happens in Vegas”
24.) Edward M. Erdelac – “Bigfoot Walsh
25.) Gene O’Neill – “Masque of the Red Horde”
26.) William F. Nolan – “The Underdweller”
27.) Jim Chambers – “Observation Effect”

HWA Halloween Haunts Blog

Hey all,

For the month of October the Horror Writers Association is running a cool blog feature with thirty one guest posts a day from thirty one different writers, sharing stories of Halloweens past, excerpts from their latest works, giveaways, and cool Halloween related stuff.

Take a look at the lineup and schedule!

Oct. 1 James Chambers
Oct. 2 Russell James
Oct. 2 Laura Benedict
Oct. 3 John Taff
Oct. 4 Allyson Bird
Oct. 5 David Riley
Oct. 5 Kenneth Cain
Oct. 6 JG Faherty
Oct. 7 Roy Robbins
Oct. 8 Lisa Morton
Oct. 9 Annie Neugebauer
Oct. 9 Cher Green
Oct. 10 Rocky Wood
Oct. 11 Stefan Petrucha
Oct. 12 Rebecca Cantrell
Oct. 12 Marty Young
Oct. 13 Linda Addison
Oct. 14 Ed Erdelac
Oct. 15 Carol Jahme
Oct. 15 Nancy Holder
Oct. 16 Lincoln Crisler
Oct. 16 Adrian Ludens
Oct. 17 Derrick Hussey
Oct. 18 Jennifer Harlow
Oct. 19 David Annandale
Oct. 19 Brick Marlin
Oct. 20 Brad Hodson
Oct. 21 Benjamin Kane Ethrdige
Oct. 22 John Skipp
Oct. 23 Greg Chapman
Oct. 23 Peter Salomon
Oct. 24 Bryan Thao Worra
Oct. 25 Teresa Lo
Oct. 26 Douglas Wynne
Oct. 26 Max Booth III
Oct. 27 James Kendley
Oct. 28 Joe McKinney
Oct. 29 Patrick Thomas
Oct. 30 Charles Day
Oct. 31 Hugh  Sterbakov

October 14th I’ll be on there, talking about my latest book, Terovolas, and talking about Abraham Van Helsing and others of his ilk. There’ll also be a giveaway, so be sure and check it out.

Just click on the cool banner below, created by Greg Chapman.