What’s Coming In 2016

Happy New Year All. Just a swift post to let you know what to expect from me this year writing-wise.

First off, I’m experimenting with Patreon, so head over to here and check that out. Five bucks a month gets you a brand new never before (or very little) seen short story from me. This month it’s a little story called The Mound Of The Night Panther about the secret history of the mound city of Cahokia and how it was brought down by weird happenings.

Next up will likely be my short novel Perennial, appearing in Emergence, the first of Ragnarok Publications’ new shared world superhero universe, Humanity 2.0. It’s about a man who gains incredible abilities but also has his physical aging process halted at age fourteen. That’s him on the cover, Pan. It features a scenario that is basically Die Hard with a skyscraper full of supervillains.  You can read more about that here. 


At some point early this year I’ll be sharing novel space again with author Willie Meikle in Canadian publisher April Moon Books’ new James Bond pastiche series, Bond: Unknown. Entitled Mindbreaker, this one’s a 1960’s era Lovecraftian mashup with Bond being seconded to an ultra secret branch of the service to chase down the abducted Princess Royal and stop an obscure Corsican cult’s plot to activate a prehistoric weapon. I’m an immense Bond fan, so this is one I’m looking forward to you all reading, as despite the Cthulhu stuff, it’s very much written with Fleming in mind. Were you aware the 16th century mystic philosopher and mathematician John Dee signed his letters to Queen Elizabeth 0-0-7? Ian Fleming was. You will be too…


I’ll have a few short story appearances scattered throughout the year, in books from Golden Goblin Press and possibly Chaosium, and, if things work out, a new Star Wars story (keep your lightsabers crossed for that).

Then in the last part of the year you’ll see my Arthurian fantasy debut The Knight With Two Swords again from Ragnarok, which is a high fantasy retelling of the story of Balin Le Savage from Mallory and a slew of other sources.

I’ve also dipped my toes back into the screenwriting waters this year, with the hopes of putting out a short film at some point. We’ll see how that goes.

Hasta pronto!

Man Talk: The James Bond Title Sequences Over At Hasslein Books

In anticipation of Skyfall, I’m writing a three part article on the James Bond title sequences for Rich Handley’s Hasslein Books, purveyors of fine unofficial movie tie-ins like Timeline Of The Planet Of The Apes, A Matter Of Time: The Unofficial Back To The Future Lexicon, and the forthcoming James Bond Lexicon.

Back in my film school days I did a paper on the James Bond title sequences as a genre of short film, replete with its own tropes and recurring motiffs. I’m a tremendous James Bond aficionado (because he’s too cool to use the term ‘fan’ or ‘geek’), both the Ian Fleming novels and the films, and I had a lot of fun revisiting these.

Go check out part I, From Dr. No to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service here at Hasslein Books’ blog –


Part II, From Live And Let Die to License To Kill –


Part III, From GoldenEye to Skyfall –