Map of Delirium Tremens, Arizona

Here’s a map I did for a PBEM (Play By Email) RPG (Roleplaying Game – it was Champions, a system I don’t really care for) wayyy back in 2001 or 2002 that I wound up using as a reference in a number of stories I’ve written since (and became the basis for the name of this blog). It’s a dinky little Arizona town with a population of about 180 in Cochise County on the eastern edge of the Huachuca Mountains. The geography and some of the names have changed slightly as needed.

If memory serves, Delirium Tremens has shown up in –

The Merkabah Rider series (novels) – The first and last books take place partially in the town, with the Todos Mis Amigos (named for Mickey Rourke’s catchphrase in the movie Barfly) Cantina, El Moderado, and Chains Are Broken Ministry (which I named after a little church I used to see through the train window off the Kensington stop in Chicago on the way to school every day) all feature prominently.
The Akeldama Dig (short story) – I changed the name from Bald Pate Hill Cemetery to Akeldama because it made for a snappier title. The Busthead Saloon also features prominently.
In Thunder’s Shadow (short story) – Mentioned only.
The Blood Bay (short story) – Centers on Famous Horses and Fitzsimmons’ Leather and Saddlery (and I think the grocer’s).
The Threefold Reckoning (unpublished short story) – Mainly centered on The Gone Green Saloon. Faustus Montague from Merkabah Rider shows up too.
The Chilibean Joss (unpublished wuxia/western novel) -Takes place almost entirely in the town and explores too many locations to list here. If the dang thing ever gets published I’ll come back and do it.
Meaner Than Hell (my 2009 western film) – The climax occurs in Delirium Tremens (played by Bodie, a ghost town here in California). The church steps are meant to be the steps of The Church of The Redeemer.

It’ll probably show up again.

Delirium Tremens, Arizona Territory circa 1880
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