Bloody Good Reads!

Mark Goddard hosts the Bloody Good Reads podcast, where he talks to authors about their careers and influences and asks them for three recommended horror reads. He was kind enough to let me talk his ear off about Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan, Robert E. Howard’s Trails In Darkness collection, and a big influence on my young self, James Howe’s The Celery Stalks At Midnight.

Give a listen > HERE.

Trails in Darkness by Robert E. Howard / Book cover 1996 / 1995 (Ken Kelly)  | Conan the barbarian, Sword and sorcery, Book cover
bunnicula series | Ton of Worms
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  1. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying both reading and listening to the horror stories of Robert E. Howard’s since late last month. Your podcast interview prompted me to obtain the Western Tales hardcover collection released by The REH Foundation Press, which I just received today. Thanks for always recommending great books and films!

    • Hey likewise David! I meant to ask you if you had seen Old Henry yet, that new one with Tim Blake Nelson playing an aged Billy The Kid.

      • Not yet. I have it high up on my queue though.

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