The Rider Rides Again

It’s been HOW long since I posted here? Too long.

Well, here’s the cover art for the forthcoming re-release of my Merkbah Rider series – HIGH PLANES DRIFTER (yeah, I’m shortening the title a bit).  The artist is Juri Umagami (whose Instagram is HERE).


Sharp-eyed fans will see this is a canny homage to the classic western that inspired the title, Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter.



Wait till you see what we have planned for next book, The Mensch With No Name. I’d spoil it, but I’d never FORGIVE myself….

This first re-release will feature an additional little seen Rider story, The Shomer Express, and interior art by M. Wayne Miller who did the covers for my novel Terovolas and my collection Angler In Darkness.

Coming soon….

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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. This is awesome!

    • Thanks! I’ll preview some interior art too later on. Watch this space!

  3. Once you have more art to share, you should do a big post over on r/Fantasy!

    • I always neglect Reddit. It’s a total blindspot for me. I can’t seem to follow a conversation thread on there. I get lost in all the posts.

      • It’s very confusing at first. Maybe I’ll share for you as your official hype man.

  4. My dude:
    I learned about you and your work a little over a year ago in a desperate quest to find more Weird West (subset Religion-As-Magic) after finishing the then-last of Belcher’s Golgatha series, and have been COMBING the web for any way to read Merkabah Rider except buying the nine hundred dollar copy on Amazon and then, failing that, waiting patiently for news of a re-release or whatever strange alignment of stars needed to happen before I could get my paws on these, and THIS NEWS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

    In any event: Thank you for making this thing, and I am so hype.

    • Thanks Casey! Watch this space for details. And happy birthday!

    • I was in the same situation about a year back. Fortunately, WorldCat had books 1, 2, and 4 available so I was able to get an interlibrary loan request on them through my county library. No luck on Have Glyphs Will Travel.

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