Si, Patreon!

Hey all, as you may or may not know, I’ve got a Patreon page where I put up a new exclusive or little seen short story every month. Five bucks a month gets you access to all of them.

I thought I’d drop a list here of everything I’ve released so far.

The Mound Of The Night Panther – A French voyageur learns the secret history of the lost metropolis of Cahokia and his own strange ties to it.

Spearfinger – A Cherokee Light Horse policeman apprehends a fugitive killer on a high mountain who is in reality a shapechanging creature from his people’s distant past.

Their Eyes Afire With Gold – On the last day of Tenochitlan, an ambitious conquistador frees a captive princess from an Aztec temple and follows her to her remote mountain city in the hopes of reward.

*Bigfoot Walsh – A German doctor joins a band of Texas Rangers and their curiously large and hairy scout to stop a series of murder raids being attributed to Comanches, only to find the perpetrators are something entirely different. (first appeared in Welcome To Hell)

*The Muttwhelp – A half-ork attached to an evil army rampaging across the good kingdoms of the land of Wayphar meets his estranged father on a pivotal day in their dark campaign. (first appeared in Blackguards: Blacklist)

*The Crawlin’ Chaos Blues – Two bluesmen travel down to the infamous Robert Johnson crossroads to make a deal with the Devil and call up something far worse. (first published by Damnation Books)

Again, these aren’t currently available anywhere else, so if you’re interested, take a gander.



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