Jake Elliot’s The Wrong Way Down

Happy New Year, all and sundry. I’m lending my space to my buddy author Jake Elliot today. He’s talking about his latest book, which entails a subject near and dear to my heart, as I’ve just completed an Arthurian fantasy novel, The Knight With Two Swords, which deals in part with the loss of the Holy Grail and I hope to have coming your way sometime this year.

Jake’s taking on a Grail-esque subject in a new and interesting way….



Today, I’ve hijacked Ed’s blog. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!  I’m Jake Elliot, a most rotten soul if ever there was one. Consistently, I force undeserving characters into terrible calamities and abandon the wounded in unimaginable darkness. When I hear their cries, I snicker. Unlike Ed, I’m a real jerk.

Similar to Ed’s Merkabah Rider series, I write ‘odd’ fiction. Ed owns the corner on Unique Westerns, so I write epic fantasy added with a seasoning of horror—just a tiny bit, but enough. Also similar to The Rider series, I like spiritual themes.

Since The Wrong Way Down does not happen on Earth, it is easiest to compare the story to a darker version of King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail. Let’s pretend the Holy Grail had been found. It is easy to speculate that if the Church had such a holy item, the Church would keep the Grail safe and hidden. Or…maybe a fantastical and benevolent church would present the Grail to the public at a pilgrimage shrine, somewhere off the beaten path and secluded.

What if two thieves break in and steal the Holy Grail? What if one thief is caught while the other got away? What would the 13th century Church do to reclaim a magnificent treasure like the Holy Grail? Would they play nice? What if the Church sent the wrong people to fix the problem and they instead made an even bigger mess?

That is the premise of The Wrong Way Down.

Popalia is the young priestess selected to escort the captured thief to the nearest military garrison where the thief will be tortured until confessing the treasure’s whereabouts. Lucky for the thief, the burglar escapes. With no time to spare, impetuous Popalia makes a rash decision. Can she recapture the thief before she gets too far away? Hmmm, probably not—but damn if she isn’t going to give it try.

In return for her blind faith, I’m going to put the poor girl through all kinds of hell.

She won’t go alone. Popalia will have others to drag down beside her. Her most trusted friend, Wynkkur, (pronounced When-Cur, not Wank-er,) is a self-taught sorcerer. He sucks at casting spells. He’s one of the worst wizards I’ve ever read in a book. Popalia will also hire a couple mercenaries to help her reclaim her church’s stolen relic, but they seem a little unscrupulous at best. Maybe they’ll rob her too—I don’t know.

That’s all I’m saying. I’m going to leave you hanging right there. Like I said, I’m a real jerk.

However, if you desire, you could read the first several pages of The Wrong Way Down for free by following this link. –Amazon link.

Jake’s Blog is here too.




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