An Apology And Denial Of Indolence

Activity here at Delirium Tremens has been pretty sparse as of late and I apologize.

2014 seems like a very unproductive year for me professionally, but I want to give you a peek behind the curtain. I hate to do these mundane writing business sort of posts (does anybody really wanna read writing mechanics and business posts from me? I don’t really care to read them myself), but I just want everybody to know I’m not just sitting here on my hind end.

Here’s the rundown –

I have four or five short stories waiting for the anthologies they’re in to go to print.

I have a historical horror novel set during the Civil War in the final round of edits at one of the big five publishers, just waiting for final approval on the editor’s end.

I have another historical horror book set during World War II in consideration by the same publisher after a second round of edits.

I have two short stories for a certain magazine which covers subjects pertaining to a Galaxy Far Far Away awaiting final approval.

I have a collection of dark novellas including the long out of print Red Sails set to come out from a publisher I admire.

I’m plotting an awesome collaboration with an internationally known no-baloney-big-deal comic book artist whose work I’ve been a fan of since I was fifteen and, it turns out, enjoys the Merkabah Rider series. Just waiting for the go-ahead from the publisher (one of the big three) to work on that.

I’m slowly plotting out a superhero novel and a wuxia weird western. Don’t know which of those I’ll be doing first. Also working on putting out more of the Van Helsing papers and thinking about a continuation of the Merkabah Rider universe set in modern day.

And finally, I’m 70,000 words into a dark Arthurian fantasy novel which I hope to have finished by the end of December.

So basically, inna final analysis, I’m just mainly….waiting on some other folks. Maybe if I had an agent things would go quicker, but I don’t.

Unfortunately it looks, as I said, it seems like I took a year off. My sidebar bibliography is probably not going to increase in titles till 2015.

But there’s more coming! I swear!

In the meantime, I guess I’ll go watch Cap 2 and put up another DT Moviehouse Review. Or perhaps Back Issues. I picked up a nice lot of Brother Voodoo comics I’d like to make people aware of.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m thankful for my awesome family and friends, the fun I’m having playing D&D after years and years of thinking I’d never roll a twenty sider across a table again, and the prospects I have. Especially thankful for all you nice folks who have bought and read my work and encouraged me over the past few years, either with posts here on the blog, reviews around the web, or personal emails.

Keep readin’ and I’ll keep writin’

Hasta pronto!

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