Willow Anne’s Water Damage Giveaway

This is my daughter Willow. She’s three years old.

P1030712 (Medium)

A couple of days ago I loaded a box of my books into the back of the old Star Destroyer, on the floor between the car seats of her and her brother, Augustus.

Later, when I went to unload the books I found Willie (I call her Willie, after Kate Capshaw’s character in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – don’t tell her mother), I found the top layer of books were wet. Willow had tipped an open water bottle over them.

“Sorry, daddy,” she said.

terovolascoverWell, so the end result is, I have three copies of my prize winning Van Helsing in Texas novel TEROVOLAS (read all about that right here and here) and two copies of MERKABAH RIDER: TALES OF A HIGH PLANES DRIFTER, the first book in my four book weird western series about a Hasidic gunslinger tracking the renegade teacher who betrayed his mystic Jewish order of astral travelers to the Lovecraftian Outer Gods (read about that here)….that are basically unsellable. The water damage isn’t extensive, particularly to the Merkabah Riders – just some wrinkling to the back pages. The TEROVOLAS (es) took the brunt, though most of the damage is to the lower ends of the pages and not entirely all the way through the book. None of the pages are stuck together or torn, and there’s no real bleeding.

At any rate, I can’t in good conscience sell them or donate them to the library, so if anybody’s interested and doesn’t mind a little personality to their books, send an email to emerdelacATgmail.com with your preference of title, name and address.

First five responders, I’ll ship them for free, signed if you like.

UPDATE: Wow, what a great response! Thanks all, for requesting copies. The water-touched copies are gone now, but if you’ve come late to the party and have an e-reader, let me know and I’ll relinquish free e-copies of either book to all respondents who want one till say, 4PM my time (Pacific US).  – EME


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  1. Bless you for letting your fans get your work, even if slighly ‘used’. That to me is truly wonderful. Doris

    • Thank you, Doris! I hesitated doing this as I didn’t know if anybody would be up for getting something less than pristine.

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