My urban horror novella Gully Gods gets a nice mention at SFFWorld Review’s 2012 Retrospective

A while back I put out a dark gangsta horror novella called Gully Gods in a collection called FOUR IN THE MORNING along with fellow authors Tim Marquitz, Lincoln Crisler, and Malon Edwards.

It’s about a young gangbanger named J-Hoss who flees South Houston to lay low with his aunt in Chicago and gets mixed up with an ambitious and violent clique of Liberian ex-child soldiers led by a sadistic murderer called Kid Hitler, who draws strange powers from a dark and terrible deity.

You can read more about it, and an excerpt – here.

Anyway over at SFFWorld, reviewer Nila White wrote a nice mention of FOUR IN THE MORNING, including a well deserved mention of my friend Malon Edward’s FAN-tastic steampunk novella Half-Dark.

The bit about me (of which I’m quite proud) reads –

“The second story offered is Gully Gods by Edward M. Erdelac, an urban fantasy that was bone-chilling scary to me, but touched on so many modern issues that this might end up being taught in literature classes some day.”

Thanks to Nila (N.E.) White over at SFFWorld Reviews.

FOUR IN THE MORNING is still available on Amazon, and 100% of any proceeds I get I donate to one of the various charities listed in the book, so check it out (and these worthy causes) –

The United States has its own child soldier dilemma, and it doesn’t gain much sympathy from the public. There are a few organizations out there that work with lower income communities and troubled youth in danger of becoming victims of the pervading gang culture. An internet search will turn up any number in your own area. All of them are in dire need of support.

(LA-based organization that exclusively trains and employs ex-gang members and at-risk youth. ‘Nothing stops a bullet like a job.’ Homeboy is currently on the rocks and could definitely use some help.)

(works to improve the historic Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago with affordable housing, childcare, and community outreach programs)

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