Merkabah Rider: Once Upon A Time In The Weird West Preview

What happens in the fourth and final book of the Merkabah Rider series? Read the prologue of Merkabah Rider: Once Upon A Time In The Weird West below.

What’s Merkabah Rider? Read about it  right HERE.

In honor of Yom Kippur, The Day Of The Atonement, the holiest twenty six hours in the Judaic calendar (and as loyal readers of the Rider will know, the day in 1882 that the Hour Of Incursion comes upon us), from now until sundown tomorrow (or 6:30 Pacific Time) every reader who comments on this post, I’ll send a free copy of either:

Merkabah Rider: Tales Of A High Planes Drifter

Merkabah Rider 2: The Mensch With No Name

or Merkabah Rider 3: Have Glyphs Will Travel

– your choice of title, your choice of format (pdf, epub or mobi).  Just tell me below in the comments section (one per comment/visitor).

And if you’re a Luddite like me, send an email to emerdelacATgmailDOTcom with Yom Kippur as the subject line.

Then at 6:30pm on Wednesday night (the 26th), I’ll draw a random recipient’s name from the old ten gallon yarmulke. The winner gets a signed copy of Merkabah Rider: Tales Of A High Planes Drifter AND Merkabah Rider 2: The Mensch With No Name.

Without further to-do, here’s the first pages of MR IV:OUATITWW – AND a first gander at the cover by (dare I say it? I do) the magnificent Pat Carbajal, who will also be providing eight (count ’em) eight bee-you-tiful interior black and white illustrations.


The diggers, drunks and saddle tramps all, nominally paw the earth with spades, knowing not why, only that they are paid well and in gold to do very little.

The tracklayers pause as the swing gang reaches the shade of the Huachuca Mountains, and in the seventh hekhalot the dread angel Metatron, once Enoch, dips its bright pen in the inkwell of eternity. Three descend upon the earth, perhaps for the final time.

In the Dreamlands, the Thunder of God seeks the Other to no avail.

In the lowest region of hell, in the marble city of Pandæmonium, Lucifer fidgets on his throne and sets aside the Damnatus Damnateum as Temelechus strokes the hide of Nehema with a glowing iron flail. She shrieks her gratitude.

Simultaneously, a man of God and a man of science each realize that the stars will soon be right and snap their respective books closed.

At midnight, just outside Kearney, Missouri, the squeaking wheels of a bone laden wagon cease their revolution and a dozen black garbed figures bearing shovels and prybars slink toward a grave, where grass has not yet sprouted over the body of Jesse James.

In the bleak fields of the Jornada Del Muerto, a preacher of wavering faith, strung with canteens and waterskins, bows his head and bends his iron legs, his frightened, murmuring prayers lost in a hiss of venting steam.

A master engraver pauses, surveying his final, terrible work. He wipes the sweat and tears from his eyes, and wishes he had listened to his wife. Then he puts his chisel to a gilded smokebox door.

A blue skinned killer passes a cracked leather map case across a polished desk to the delight of a pair of madmen.

A girl notices a stranger’s smile spread across her father’s face.

The thing that calls itself Adam Belial in this universe howls in wild triumph and the whole of Creation shudders.

In the dense void beyond, gibbering things ripple with excitement and colossal shapes turn in their precarious fluid slumber.

An engorged, tame beast stirs to the trill of distant piping, remembers what it once was, and strains against its chain.

An old, old gentleman in a blue suit and top hat places a pressed lilac on a smoldering mountain pyre of one of the thirty six hidden saints and heads west, where a dreadful infant and a one armed soldier wait within a carved vardo, and a pale, scar-eared onnager vies with a team of ornery camels for a space to graze.

A burned woman counts the hours.

And somewhere the Rider meets The Chief Angel of Death…

-Hasta pronto!

UPDATE:  Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway. If you enjoy Merkabah Rider, please tell a friend or a stranger via Amazon/Goodreads or what have you. Congratulations to Frank Schildiner, who won a signed copy of Merkabah Rider: Tales Of A High Planes Drifter and Merkabah Rider 2: The Mensch With No Name. – Ed

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  1. Wow, Pat did a great job. I DO have the first book and am working through it. I really love it. You did some great stuff here. I suppose if I’m asking for a copy of one of the books–it’d have to be a copy of Book Two for Nook!

    • I’ll get it to you, Greg. Thanks for looking! Yeah the interiors are going to be great.

  2. I absolutely loved the first two books. They rekindled my love of westerns. I’ve been itching to get the third but too many things in the way since it came out.

    You know what a fan I’ve always been of your work though. I was showing your books to a few of my students here at the university lately. They’re on one of my shelves in my office next to my Gaiman collection and my Lovecraft anthologies.

    • That’s very distinguished company! Thanks a lot, Chris.

  3. I also just passed the 59% mark on my Kindle in the first book and it is outstanding. Please don’t put me in the drawing, I will not accept a free copy of book two. I will happily buy the second one. I can pay $12 to see a crappy movie, or $6 for a kick-ass book. I’m sure the book wasn’t ‘free’ to write. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot! Glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  4. I enjoy your writing and look forward to starting this series. I would like Book Two as a PDF. I appreciate your comments and support of my Westernpunk FB page. All the best.

    • Thanks, Chuck! MR2 is on its way to you. Easy to support something as cool as Westernpunk.

  5. I really like Pat Carbajal’s cover a lot, and I’m really excited by the fact that you’ve got yourself an illustrator for the fourth book. That’s so awesome to see The Rider with his glasses on!

    As I’m presently reading Tales Of A High Planes Drifter, I’m reminded of when I first read guys like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, i.e. fantasy/adventure writers who wrote beautifully and with grace. You should be very proud, Ed.

    While I would love to ask for a copy of The Mensch With No Name for my Kindle, I’m with “shortbus-wookie”. I was going to buy it anyway. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series, as well as Terovolas.

    • Aw, I got a little misty there, David. Seriously. Thank you. Howard is my favorite writer and I got the exact same feeling when I discovered the Barsoom series two years ago and burned through the first three. Like Chris, you’ve put me in titanic company there. Much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  6. Edward,

    Count me in. New to the series so I’d like to read Merkabah Rider: Tales Of A High Planes Drifter and .mobi format would be great.

    Thank you,


    • Thanks for looking, Frank. It’s on its way to you.

  7. Major fan of the series!

    • Thank you Frank! Glad you’re enjoying it.

  8. Hey Ed,
    I’d love to give this series a go and just in time for me to start another book. So the first book Tales of A High Plans Drifter in epub format please,

    • Coming your way, Greg. Thanks!

  9. I want it for my nook or a pdf. Visit my blog too
    Or Innocent Hearts

    • On its way, Linda! I’ll check out the blog.

  10. Hi Ed. Happy Yom Kippur. I’d love a copy of either #1, if available or #2–I just found out about this series and it sounds fantastic!



    • Thanks, Norm! What format would you prefer (or do you want to enter for a chance to get the paperbacks?)?

      • Oops! Yeah, that would help. 🙂

        I’m fine with a Kindle (Mobi) version – save the paperbacks for someone who might need them.



      • Oh – just saw your other email – for any title that you only have a PDF available for, I’m fine with that as well.



  11. I would love a copy of the first book. I’ll review it for ML and Horror Fiction Review 🙂 Mobi or pdf is cool.

    • Thanks, Colleen! It’s on its way to you.

  12. HEY ALL – A QUICK UPDATE: Apologies, I’m experiencing something a SNAFU. As I went send of epub copies a moment ago, I realized some of my files have mysteriously evaporated into the ether, so a clarification is in order – These are the formats I’m now offering –

    Of Merkabah Rider 1 (Tales Of A High Planes Drifter) – epub mobi and pdf.

    Of Merkabah Rider 2 (The Mensch With No Name) – pdf ONLY

    Of Merkabah Rider 3 (Have Glyphs Will Travel) – ALL FORMATS

    To people who have already requested formats I don’t currently have – I’ve requested replacement files from the publisher. If I don’t get them (but I should) I WILL get you the copies you requested, unless you’ll take a pdf instead.

    That is all. – Ed

  13. Mobi of book one unless the publisher gets you the epub before.

    • On it’s way in mobi, Gary. Thanks!

  14. Wonderful work! Can I get book 2 please? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks you! Sure, Tammy! Pdf’s OK?

  15. I found your blog from a FB post, I’m totally intrigued. If I could get a copy of volume 1 in epub (I think they work on a kindle fire), I would be most grateful.



    • Coming your way, Michael. And I’ll enter your name in the drawing as well. Thanks!

  16. This looks like awesome reading! My son, Greg has told me much about your writing and the covers remind me a bit of the Dark Towers art which is enticing! Greg and I will enjoy comparing notes on it cross-country!!! Thank you!

    • Thank you, Maria! And thank your son for me. Would you like a copy of one, Maria, or just want to put your name in the drawing for the paperbacks?

      • Gee willikers! totally forgot to ask for the book! Book one, epub please, would be just fine! thank you. Greg will think this is funny!

      • No problem, Maria! On its way to you.

  17. Love your work, so I hope I win the books:)


    • Thanks, Frank! Make sure you send an email to to be sure I don’t miss your name for the drawing.

      • Done! I’d like to get some signed copies of your work:)

  18. Ooh, Ooh, me too!

    I’d love a PDF of the first book, and I want to buy a hard copy from you too if you have any left.

    • It’s yours Jeff…PM me at about purchasing signed copies.

  19. Many thanks to all who participated in this year’s Yom Kippur giveaway. It looks like Frank Schildiner walks away with the prize. Congratulations, Frank! And please, if you enjoy Merkabah Rider, tell a friend, or tell a stranger on Amazon/Goodreads/What have you. Shalom, pards. Hope it was an easy fast.

  20. I am at the last part of Merkabah Rider:Have Glyphs Will Travel. And I can tell you that I don’t want to reach the end of this part of the series! I am so glad to have experienced your story telling, to the point where I don’t want it to end at all!!! Please continue to tell this rich story as far as you can take it. (PS I do like that title, as it reminds me of the western TV show ‘Have Gun Will Travel’ that I watched growing up!)

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