Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic have foolproof superpowers….what do you think?

Gef Fox’s final Corrupts Absolutely roundtable discussion ends with talk of superpowers and showdowns. Take a look.


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  1. Sorry to Bring this to ya but low temperatures aka Icy weather can bring down even the most pliable hero. Ice man will never turn evil so Mr. Fantastic is in luck, but Plastic man has not just one but 4 Ice cold villans to deal with. Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, and the rest could easily take down Plastic man.

    • I would agree, if I thought Mr. Fantastic and Plaz weren’t smart enough not to get caught by that. RR is an alpha level genius. He’s not gonna get caught in the kitchen with the freezer door open let alone blasted by Iceman. Maybe Storm could catch him in a blizzard, but again, she’s a goodie.

      But I agree, the palpable threat is in the DC universe with its proliferation of cold based villains. Yet Plastic Man is infinitely more creative with his power than I’ve ever seen Reed Richards be. The guy has disguised himself as ahstrays and Lay-Z-Boys and gone after the bad guys as a giant whirling eggbeater. You’re talking about a guy who can alter his shape, size and denisty at the speed of thought, and who thinks a mile a minute. Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold are reliant on their weaponry and aim. If they trapped him in a cold room, perhaps. But I don’t see him being taken down by a cold ray unless it’s an off day for him. He could literally become one of those gun safety barrel plugs and jam up the mechanism.

      Now the Elongated Man, he’d get his rubber butt handed to him.

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