Meaner Than Hell In The Big Break Movie Contest

Just a quick post this week – more of a plug, really.

With money we got from Kaiser Permanente Hospitals buying out our apartment building three years ago, I produced and directed an independent western, a blood soaked little endeavor called ‘Meaner Than Hell,’ which I also wrote.

We shot it for twelve days in Death Valley and Bodie, CA, and had a good enough time.

It’s about a rough as hell bounty hunter named Tope Mullins (played with glee by Thomas Crnkovich) who tracks down a drug addled bandit called Picaro Jake Gonnoff (the esteemed Jared Michaels) and promptly ambushes and guns down his entire gang. He then puts a bullet in Picaro’s foot and promises him he will watch the foot fester and drop off unless Picaro leads him to the $10,000 in stolen lakeboat casino money from his last outing. But in the night, a band of renegade Apache Indians steal their horses, and Tope and Picaro are forced to make their way on foot across the Arizona desert, contending with hostiles, thirts, and each other the whole long way.

It’s a nifty little western if I do say so myself, chock full of sudden violence, stark vistas, drug-induced hallucinations, and references to my favorite westerns, both Apple pie and spaghetti. I even have a cameo as a chicken stealing Reb who gets a bullet in the eye for his trouble.

Anyway, the trailer is up here…

So go take a look and vote if you’re so inclined. Winners get a fine tuning (which I’ll admit, it could use) and a week of showings in 50 AMC theaters across the country.

Tope says: 'Git to votin' or fill yer hands!'

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  1. I am writing a book on films of Death Valley and looking for a copy of Meaner Than Hell. Any help? Book working title Dust, Doom, Death and Destruction: the Film History of Death Valley. Nearing completion.

    • If you want, drop me an email at and I’ll mail you a copy, Christopher.

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