Top ‘O The Morning To Ya

Frank Frazetta's 'Dead of Night'

This is my first ever blog, and since I’m doing it in the dead of night (4AM), it’ll be succinct and solely introductory.  I’m a writer, born in Indiana, educated in Chicago, and living in the Los Angeles (I won’t say ‘LA’ – not ever) area, and my subject matter tends towards the fantastic, equal parts Robert E. Howard, Richard Matheson, Cormac McCarthy and Mickey Spillane. I’ve written about boxing in the Star Wars universe (‘Fists of Ion’ for Lucasfilm), American Indians facing off against vampires (‘Killer of The Dead’ – my ‘Spear and Fang’ for Murky Depths magazine in the UK), a zombie slave revolt (‘Dubaku’ for Damnation Books), and most recently, the ongoing adventures of a gunslinging Hasidic Jewish mystic in the 1880’s (The Merkabah Rider series – again, for Damnation Books).  I wrote, directed, produced, and cameo’d in an independent film last year (Meaner Than Hell – 2009).  I’ve got a few more irons in the fire, including another zombie tale (this one set in a Japanese prison in the year of genbun – my homage to Kazuo Koike, George Romero, and chanbara movies) soon to be featured in Comet Press’ forthcoming Deadcore anthology.

As to the title of the blog, Delirium Tremens – don’t think I’m a Bukowski type. In fact, I haven’t had much of a taste for hard drink in about two years now. I’m pretty much a beer guy now, and not a connoisseur (cough -snob) by any stretch. 

Nah, Delirium Tremens is my Castle Rock, my Arkham. It’s a dingy little Arizona mining town that features in varying degrees of prominence in a couple of my stories, and is the destination of the two killers in my film Meaner Than Hell. So if anybody asks you that, and eventually they will, remember you read it here first.

Anyway, getting close to dawn over here. Time for bed. More later.


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